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I am an independent Career Consultant deeply committed to inspiring and supporting job seekers on their journey to achieve their professional aspirations, particularly those navigating the Canadian job market for the first time. Given job seeker’s challenges, maintaining a positive attitude, staying motivated, and building resilience are crucial aspects, and I am here to support you.

My approach is rooted in a focus on the unique aspects of each personality and
occupation. I strive to empower my clients with the knowledge they need to make
informed decisions.

My passion lies in assisting individuals facing challenges in their job search, helping
them overcome obstacles, and realizing their career aspirations. I offer a
comprehensive package of services to support you at every stage of your job search
journey. From translation services (Russian or Hebrew to English) to crafting and
formatting resumes per Canadian standards, preparing for different types of interviews, refining your LinkedIn profile, and providing valuable networking and job-search strategies insights. I am here to help you navigate the Canadian job market with confidence.

Let's start this journey together and unlock the doors to your professional success and growth.


 Elena Gilin,

Career Consultant

Call 647-770-1057 or send a personal message.
I will be glad to help you!
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"Elena's career counseling services helped me find my career path. As a professional consultant, she was very patient and helped me optimize my resume, as well as my interview skills. With her help, I also successfully received the offer. I highly recommend her professionalism and attitude."


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